Heroic Tales of World War 2

There are many tales of bravery, dedication and perseverance emanating from the Second World War – far too many to include here. But a small selection stand out, and for different reasons too. Many of these young men showed great courage and determination at a young age whilst facing considerable challenges; many died in their determination to succeed or save the lives of their crews. Some just simply survived to tell the tale.

If you know of someone’s story please let me know, it would be great to have it here for all to share.


Robert C Frascotti, 1st Lt., (USAAF), 352nd FG, 486th FS. RAF Bodney (Trail 8)
Rear Gunner Flight Sergeant Nicholas S. Alkemade, 115 Squadron (RAF) (Trail 11)
Kermit D Wooldridge, 2nd Lt. (USAAF), B17 Pilot RAF Kimbolton  (Trail 6)
B-17 Pilot 1st Lt.D. J. Gott & 2nd. Lt W. E. Metzger (USAAF).
Flying Officer Leslie Manser VC. RAF(VR) 50 Squadron – Royal Air Force
Mosquito Crew – P.O. James McLean and Sergeant Mervyn Tansley, RAF(VR)
2nd Lt. Robert E. Femoyer MOH, 711th BS Rattlesden (USAAF) (Trail 15)
Lt. Col. Leon Vance 489th BG – Medal of Honour (USAAF)
Pilot Officer Rawdon Middleton VC (149 Squadron RAAF)
1st Lt. William G. Rueckert, 93rd BG,  409th BS, (USAAF) RAF Hardwick, (Trail 12)
Sgt. Archibald Mathies, (USAAF), 510th BS, 351st BG (Medal Of Honour) RAF Polebrook.  (Trail 19)
1st Lt. Raymond Harney and 2nd Lt. Warren French – 349th BS, 100th BG – (Trail 12)
Lt. Joseph P Kennedy Jnr and Lt. Wilford J. Willy, RAF Fersfield, S.A.U. 1, Fleet Air Arm Wing 7(Trail 28)
Brigadier General Frederick W. Castle – Heartbreak on Christmas Eve, 1944
 M/Sgt. Hewitt T. Dunn, 390th BG (H) RAF Framlingham, (Trail 39)
Col. Ashley Woolridge; Flew 106 Missions in a B-26
Georges Nadon – Spitfire pilot, flew 277 sorties
Sqn. Ldr. Leonard Trent VC – RAF Methwold
 Sqn. Ldr. Ian Bazalgette (RAF) V.C., 635 Sqn RAF Downham Market (Trail 7)
Flt. Sgt. Arthur Louis Aaron (RAF) V.C., 218 Sqn RAF Downham Market (Trail 7)
Major George Preddy, (USAAF) 352nd FG, RAF Bodney (Trail 8)
Operation ‘Fuller’ – The Channel Dash, February 12th 1942.
P.O William Davis (Eagle Sqn) – March 18th 1941
1st  Lieutenant John E. Morse – 379th BG RAF Kimbolton
P/O. Lewis Booth RAF Waterbeach – June 25th 1944
Sgt. William Stannard – 487 Sqn RAF – RAF Methwold

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